Asian Bistro II

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3219 Schoenersville Road Bethlehem, PA 18107 | P: (610) 419-6088


Asian Bistro II

Modern Asian Fusion
Asian Bistro II is a modern Asian fusion restaurant with the serving the highest quality Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, and Thai food in the Lehigh Valley at great prices. We are conveniently located in Bethlehem, Pa and have a full sushi bar with the most exquisite sushi in addition to our vast selection of Asian dishes including noodle and teriyaki dishes. Asian Bistro II has many lunch specials and we are open for lunch and dinner but also offer take-out, delivery, and catering for any occasion.

Asian Bistro II Rating-1 1.0/5 Based on 1 Review Add Review

Rating-1 1.0/5 Based on 1 Review


I have been ordering from here for quite some time now, mostly due to the convenience of online ordering via menu genie. Experiences so far have been average, but after this evening I will never order from here again. I placed an order at 5:30 on a Sunday night. They called at 6:30 to ask a question about the order, so it was obvious that they hadn't started it. I waited until 7:15 to finally call and ask about the order, and was told the driver had been called and it was "on the way." At around 7:40 I received a call from someone that I assume is a manager, who identified himself as "Cory" who tried to give me a bunch of excuses as to why the food hadn't arrived. He offered me a 10.00 discount on the order, but frankly I wasn't interested in a discount, just my dinner that I had already been waiting for 2 hours to arrive. After calling the owner (he said) he offered me a 20.00 discount and said the food was "on the way" after he said the driver had to go back and get it! Clearly the food was not on the way. I replied that if it wasn't there by 8 to just refund my money and forget it. At about 8:03 I received a call from the driver who rudely said he was outside. I went out back. I went out front. No driver. I called him back and he proceeded to tell me YET AGAIN that he was on the way. I waited outside for about 10 minutes before calling Cory back, at which point I said I wanted a refund and to forget the food. A few minutes later the driver finally arrived and I told him to forget it, at this point it had been almost 3 hours, and who knows how long my food had been sitting. He was rude and disagreeable, I told him I ordered at 5:30 to which he shoved a receipt in my face arguing with me saying it was 6:30. This leads me to believe that they did not even see the order until an hour after I placed it. He tried to offer me 20 and then 30% off (although this is what I had already been promised). He then left in a huff when I refused. Completely unacceptable. It is snowing outside and I understand the roads might be a bit slippery but to wait almost 3 hours for food and then be made to feel like I did something wrong? Ridiculous. Cory the manager tried his best to be accommodating, however there was no fixing this mess. It was too late.

Posted by Lisa Wright. on 2/09/2014

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