The Burger Shack

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2011 North 1st Street Whitehall, PA 18052 | P: 610-443-2077


The Burger Shack

Fresh, Simple, Honest
The Valley's newest burger concept. The Burger Shack's STUFFED burgers are unique in that the delicious ingredients are stuffed in the beef. Our 94-percent lean beef is naturally raised on open-range pastures, without using any steroid implants or antibiotics. It is safer and healthier for consumers because it is not the usual white fat-laced beef purchased from the grocery stores. Our beef is high-quality, triple ground, and no fat or additives. When we say, ALL NATURAL, we mean it! Fresh. Simple. Honest. Opened on 11/11 (good sign?) of 2010, the Burger Shack has a rapidly-growing fan base. The most popular burger on the menu is the Bungalow: A fresh ground beef patty stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon, then topped with more cheddar cheese and bacon. And make sure to check back each month to see which burger will be chosen as the BOTM (Burger of the Month).

The Burger Shack Rating-4 4.0/5 Based on 4 Reviews Add Review

Rating-4 4.0/5 Based on 4 Reviews

Best Burgers in the Valley

Huge, mouth-watering burgers (which you can barely finish) and a pile of fries for $6-8. One of the best deals in the Lehigh Valley

Posted by James B. on 8/24/2012


This is where you want your burgers from. (Or chicken, or hot dog, or.....sooo many great choices)

Forget the normal chains. No run of the mill stuff with "I don't want to be here, and what do you want now" staff in this place. The burger shack makes a real burger, and they will truly make it your way. Not to mention their enormous dogs with all the trimmings, wraps, salads, this presents one big challenge, which one of their delicious foods are you going to have this time? If you're looking for friendly service and excellent food, you can't beat the value and the flavor is top notch. Not to mention, where else can you get this type of food delivered?

Posted by Michael Gibson. on 11/26/2012


Found a new burger place!

We pass by this place EVERY day and always thought about stopping in. Boy am I glad we finally did! I had their pulled pork wrap and it was EXCELLENT! Also tried their hot & honey wings...all I have to say is AMAZING! Great job on the crispiness of them. We always hate soaked wings, you won't get that here. Just the right sauce and crispiness! I love the fact they also have sweet potato fries, mmm good! I have no complaints.

Posted by Lori Sergent. on 4/15/2014


hated it....

didn't like it at all

Posted by jeff carter. on 8/12/2014

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